Quotable Quotes from the ASIL Annual Meeting

by Roger Alford

Here are some choice quotes from the ASIL annual meeting, all taken out of context for maximum effect:

The real problem with cyber-security is that Viagra is too expensive.

~ Christopher Soghoian

International arbitration is like a Jackson Pollock painting. There is order, but it takes an expert in fractal geometry to see it.

~ Stephan Schill

These missiles are incredibly cheap, only $60,000 a piece, which is why I have recommended to ASIL that they buy some with your annual dues.

~ Rosa Brooks

My favorite investment arbitration case was the one brought by a man who had his wallet stolen in a Mexican jail and demanded justice before the U.S.-Mexican Claims Commission.

~ Jennifer Thornton

For all of you in the audience who are directly involved in the Chevron-Ecuador case, please don’t attach my house.

~ Ralph Steinhardt

If I can leave you with one message it would be this: Never, ever cite geographic coordinates without a reference datum.

~ Martin Pratt

The problem with war is that it is never humane. It always involves real people. Even soldiers are people.

~ Louise Doswald-Beck


4 Responses

  1. “One need not believe in the existence of god to believe in the existence of the clergy”  James Crawford

  2. Response…
    Raymon Marks (of Arnold & Porter), during the panel session Saturday on Kiobel and in response to a request for commentary on the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has already recognized that corporations and companies can have duties and rights under customary international law and treaties: those cases merely dealt with “common law.”

  3. Response…
    p.s.  as readers here should recall, there have been 20 such Supreme Court cases.

  4. I think the last one is the best it means no difference between the law of war and the international humanitarian law.

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