Greenwashing… By Lego

by Kevin Jon Heller

Reuters reports that Denmark-based Lego will soon be powered solely by the wind:

The family firm that controls Denmark’s Lego is buying almost a third of a German offshore wind power project in an unusual foray outside the toy business to showcase its green credentials to customers.

Lego’s parent company, Kirkbi A/S, will invest 3 billion crowns ($534 million) for a 32 percent stake in DONG Energy’s 277-megawatt Borkum Riffgrund 1 wind farm, which is scheduled to be fully operational in 2015, the companies said.


Lego said the investment would enable it to reach a target of generating enough renewable power to meet all its energy needs as the wind farm would produce more electricity than Lego would consume up to and including 2020.

“This investment supports the Lego Group’s ambitious environmental goals,” Kirkbi Chief Executive Soren Thorup Sorensen told Reuters.

I’m all for wind power.  But it’s worth pointing out that Lego produces 19,000 million bricks per year — each and every one made out of plastic, the primary ingredient of which is… oil.  So color me underwhelmed.

2 Responses

  1. Anyone reasonably well-versed in international law knows how to run an economy without using environmentally degrading products like plastics and metals, and without cutting down trees. But right-wing extremists like Romney will make it impossible.

  2. Lego makes toys that everyone loves and decides to invest half a billion in wind power.

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