Mitt Romney Is Learning Geography from Fox News

by Kevin Jon Heller

At Wednesday’s debate, Mitt Romney claimed that one of the reasons Iran supports the Syrian government is that Syria is Iran’s “route to the sea.”  Hmm:

Where’s Syria?  Oh, yeah, it’s off to the left — past Iraq. And what’s that funny blue thing to the south of Iran?  Could it be… water?

Take it away, Emily Heil at the Washington Post: “Iran has direct access to waterways, thank you very much, with some 1,520 miles of coastline along the Arabian Sea. It doesn’t even share a border with Syria, so this ‘route to the sea’ that Romney spoke of would involve cutting through Iraq (rugged terrain!) before cutting through Syria to get to the sea. The journey from Tehran to Damascus is about 1,000 miles.”

We’d be in good hands with President Romney.

4 Responses

  1. He might have been confusing Iran with its Permanent Member supporter Russia.  I have heard it said that one reason for Russia’s support for Syria is the access to a Syrian port in the region – in the Mediterranean Sea. It might be this shadow of the cold war vision overtaking the Iran rhetoric – also a “client” of Russia. From a Russian perspective on the map, Syria and Iran do look like pincers around Iraq.

  2. He meant that Syria is Iran’s route to the Bering Sea.

  3. ‘with some 1,520 miles of coastline along the Arabian Sea’,
    ‘THE PERSIAN GULF’. Just refer to history books, especially Greek ones, for the correct and genuine name.

  4. At least Romney doesn’t think the US has 57 states.

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