U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since WW II

by Kevin Jon Heller

A fascinating chart, courtesy of Juan Cole at Informed Comment:

I don’t have any grand political points to make — other than to point out that Canada better watch its back.


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  1. Of course the fact that the US intervened politically or even militarily at a particular time or a particular place does not necessarily prove that public harm was done. The map is part of a blurb for the book Killing Hope by William Blum, published by “Courage Press” of Monroe, Maine. See killinghope.org. I wnder why, If Blum’s book is so important, it was not published in the usual manner.

    Some chapters are available on the website. I read the one on US involvement in Italian politics in Italy right after WW II. There seem to have been no CIA assassinations, but there was a heavy PR campaign, for the purpose of preventing what the US perceived as an attempted communist takeover of Italy. None of this seems to reflect original research. Considering the question of whether Italy would have been better off without intervention, I can only say that in most countries where leftists have been successful, things do not seem to have turned out very well. Should we cheer for Russia, the former satellite nations in Eastern Europe, Cuba? More relevant here, is there an alternate universe where we can find out the results of non-intervention in any of the cases Blum cites?

  2. Response…
    Canada has nothing to worry about.  They invaded us (the U.S., in N.Y.) during the Caroline incident in 1837 (but leading to agreement that states can lawfully engage in self-defense measures against non-state actor armed attacks if they follow the law of self-defense elsewise — and the armed attacks had already started and were continuing, so the incident had really nothing to do with so-called preemptive or anticipatory self-defense, contrary to the views of some less than careful readers who, curiously, cite each other).

  3. The map is not accurate and would be comical but for intelligent folks like KJH who fall for this absurdity.  It maliciously accuses the US of targeting the majority of the world and tags numerous nations with the icon “bombing.”  Really, the credibility gap here is huge. The US and the CIA have bombed dozens of sovereign states?  Take a good look at some of the purported targets.

  4. Well, if noted historian JWB says the map is inaccurate, that’s good enough for me.  No explanation necessary.

  5. Who did we assassinate in France?

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