Looking for Twitter Follower No. 2000

Looking for Twitter Follower No. 2000

Just a note to point you to OJ’s Twitter feed, which you can find here.  We link to posts on the blog, but there’s also added content in the form of pointers to other items that might be of interest to OJ readers.

For those of you that haven’t taken up the habit, some serious material is floating around the Twitterverse at the same time that it’s easy to avoid the dreck.  If you’re looking for a starter package in international law, check out feeds from Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dan Drezner, and Foreign Policy’s Josh Keating, David Bosco, Colum Lynch and Blake Hounshell.  Most major NGOs, IOs and governmental entities now have multiple feeds (the Department of State has dozens).  One Twitter phenomenon: you get principals actually doing their own writing (people like Ken Roth and Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt), so it feel less filtered than other media.  Fake twitter feeds supply some comedy – check out those for Kim Jong-un, Newt Gingrich, and Henry Kissinger (along with the real Andy Borowitz).  OJ’s Ken Anderson has a personal feed here, as does our current guest blogger, Jens Ohlin.  It’s a pretty good way to stay on top of things.

OJ is following almost 150 in all, which you can find here.  Thanks to the almost 2000 of you who are following us.

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Kenneth Anderson

Peter, the rest of us here at OJ are grateful to you for handling the OJ twitter feed, which I find very useful for a quick summary of what’s going on.  I was initially skeptical of Twitter as a source of info, but I find it surprisingly useful just to get a quick take, the way journalists do, of what’s going on – for me, especially so in quick moving IEL stuff.