Harvard International Law Journal/Opinio Juris Symposium for Volume 53(1)

by Harvard International Law Journal

The Harvard International Law Journal is pleased to announce its third online symposium with Opinio Juris. The symposium will begin tomorrow, Monday, January 23 and will run until Thursday, January 26. It features the following line-up:

On Monday, Mark Tushnet will respond to David Landau‘s article, The Reality of Social Rights Enforcement.

On Tuesday, Darryl Robinson and Carsten Stahn will respond to Kevin Jon Heller’s article, A Sentence-Based Theory of Complementarity.

On Wednesday, Carlos Vazquez will respond to David L. Sloss‘ article, Executing Foster v. Neilson: The Two-Step Approach to Analyzing Self-Executing Treaties.

On Thursday, Scott Kennedy will respond to Mark Wu‘s article, Antidumping in Asia’s Emerging Giants.

Each of the authors will offer introductory comments on his work and many will provide direct responses to the questions and comments of the contributors. We are looking forward to the conversations that result and would like to thank each of the authors and responders for participating in this symposium!


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