Nicaragua Files ICJ Action Against Costa Rica

by Julian Ku

I am doubtful the ICJ will be able to ultimately settle this ongoing border dispute, but both countries seem to be relying on the ICJ to resolve this matter. Nicaragua filed an action Wednesday against Costa Rica, alleging:

In its Application, Nicaragua claims inter alia that “Costa Rica’s unilateral actions . . . threaten to destroy the San Juan de Nicaragua River and its fragile ecosystem, including the adjacent biosphere reserves and internationally protected wetlands that depend upon the clean and uninterrupted flow of the River for their survival”.

Costa Rica had earlier filed an ICJ action against Nicaragua over roughly the same border dispute. So it is interesting that both sides are now involved in separate, related ICJ litigation.  Is there an ICJ procedure for consolidation? Seems a good opportunity for it.

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  1. I think ICJ Action is very effective.

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