by Harlan Cohen

Let me start by thanking Peggy and the whole OJ crew for inviting me to be a guest here. I very vividly remember the first time I found this blog, back when it had just gotten started (and was still at its previous address). It was among the very first law blogs I had seen, right around the same time many of us were discovering A3G. For a law clerk and then big firm associate craving a connection to international law and the academy, Opinio Juris was intellectual candy. OJ was a way to be a part of a larger international law community, and I devoured everything Peggy, Roger, Chris, Kevin, Duncan, and Julian posted. It is a testament to what they created, and what Peter, Ken, and Deb have added that OJ is in many ways now is THE international law community. It’s an honor to join them for a bit.

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