New Naval War College Blue Book on the Changing Nature of War

New Naval War College Blue Book on the Changing Nature of War

The Naval War College has published the latest volume in its Blue Book series.  Here is the description and information about how to obtain it (although you can simply get the PDF here):

The Naval War College International Law Department recently published volume 87 of its International Law Studies “Blue Book”  series.  The Blue Book has served as an invaluable resource for scholars and practitioners of international law since 1901.   Volume 87 is entitled “International Law and the Changing Character of War.”  It includes scholarly papers by Professor Robert Chesney, Professor Mike Schmitt, Professor Yoram Dinstein, and Dr. Nicholas Rostow among many other key leaders in the field.   A copy of volume 87 may be downloaded from the Naval War College website (navigate to and then select the “publications” drop-down menu at the top of the page).   Hard copies of recent editions of the Blue Book are also available for sale by the Government Printing Office Bookstore (   Subscribers to Lexis ( and HeinOnline ( can search and retrieve the entire series.   In addition, HeinOnline will print any volume on demand.  Their customer service phone number is (800) 828-7571.  For questions concerning the Blue Book, the Naval War College International Law Department may be reached at or (401) 841-4949.

I think this volume will be of particular interest to Opinio Juris readers, as it covers a number of topics that we have discussed on the blog.  The essays are divided into the following sections: International Law Challenges in Asymmetrical War; the Use of Force in Cyberspace; Civilianization of Warfighting and the Concept of “Direct Participation in Hostilities”; Unmanned Systems/Unmanned Vehicles; Lawfare in Asymmetrical Conflicts; Rule Set, Investigation, and Enforcement in Asymmetrical Conflicts.

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