Discount on Symposia Books

by Kevin Jon Heller

Once I again I want to extend our thanks to all of the discussants of my book on both EJIL: Talk! and Opinio Juris. In addition to my introduction, readers can find at the specified links the contributions of Michael Marrus, Alexa Stiller, and Rob Cryer with my reply on EJIL: Talk!, and those of Dave Glazier, Detlev Vagts, Roger Clark, and Devin Pendas with my response here. I hope our readers enjoyed our first joint book discussion.

As part of our joint Opinio Juris/EJIL: Talk! symposia, Oxford University Press has offered to give readers a 20% discount on each book.  To purchase The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal law, click here.  When you add the book to your OUP basket, the 20% discount will automatically be deducted.  The discount is good until 31 January 2012. We will post a similar link for Marko’s book when we host that discussion.

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