China, Taiwan and International Law: A Symposium in Honor of Professor Hungdah Chiu

by Julian Ku

Next month, the University of Maryland School of Law will host a festshcrift honoring Professor Hungdah Chiu.  Professor Chiu was a professor at U. Maryland and a well-known scholar of international law.  He also was one of the first, and still one of the most important, scholars on the study of Chinese law (including both China and Taiwan) in the United States.  (To me, though, Professor Chiu will always be Uncle Chiu, the father of one of my best boyhood friends. I didn’t realize he was a world-renowned scholar until after I entered the legal academy). In any event, I will be participating in this symposium by sharing some of my recent research on China and international courts.  But there are much better reasons to attend as well. See  below.

The program will kick off October 5, 2011 at 5:30pm in the Ceremonial Courtroom at UM Carey Law with a lecture delivered by the senior American expert in East Asian law, Professor Jerome Cohen, followed up on October 6 by a lunchtime lecture by the former Chairman of the National Security Council for the Republic of China (Taiwan), Dr. Su Chi.  The Symposium promises to be an important exchange of ideas about Cross-Straits relations, China and the International Legal Order, and Professor Hungdah Chiu’s impact on those fields and others

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    They should invite Professor Lung-chu Chen at New York Law School

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