Today: Peter Spiro Testifies before the SFRC on Libya and War Powers

by Duncan Hollis

Just a quick note for folks following the Congressional wrangling over U.S. military activity in Libya and the War Powers Resolution:  later this morning, Opinio Juris‘ own Peter Spiro will be testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. U.S. State Department Legal Adviser Harold Koh is also set to testify and, presumably, defend the Administration’s position.  Louis Fisher of the Constitution Project rounds out the Senate witness list.  Peter’s already been very outspoken here about the issue (see herehere, and here), so I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing his presentation on a larger stage.

The hearing is set to begin at 10 am EST with Senator John Kerry presiding.  You can watch all the action here.

One Response

  1. Question: Why did Senator Kerry and most of the other committee members leave right in the middle of Peter’s talk?

  2. To vote to confirm the Deputy AG and heads of OLC and NSD.

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