Melbourne Journal of International Law, Vol. 11-2: Opinio Juris Online Symposium

by Melbourne Journal of International Law

The Melbourne Journal of International Law is delighted to be continuing our partnership with Opinio Juris. This week will feature three articles from our most recent issue. The full issue is available for download here.

On Monday, Douglas Arner and Ross Buckley will discuss their article ‘Redesigning the Architecture of the Global Financial System’. Examining the history of global financial governance from 1944–2010, Arner and Buckley argue that there is a fundamental need to redesign the international financial system to better handle financial and monetary instability in a globalised world, and examine a variety of reform options with respect to economic coordination, macroeconomic and monetary management, financial crisis prevention and resolution, and trade and sustainable development. Rolf Weber, Professor of Law at the University of Zurich, will respond.

On Tuesday, Gina Heathcote will discuss her article ‘Feminist Reflections on the “End” of the War on Terror’. Drawing an intriguing analogy between the justifications of violence in the international law on the use of force and in the domestic criminal law defences of provocation, Heathcote considers what a feminist response to the legacy of the ‘War on Terror’ might involve. Dianne Otto, Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne, will respond.

Finally, on Wednesday, our discussion will centre around Brad Roth’s article ‘Secessions, Coups and the International Rule of Law: Assessing the Decline of the Effective Control Doctrine’. Roth examines the question of when de facto exercises of governmental authority after secessions and coups are given legal status in international law, evaluating alternatives to the traditional emphasis on ‘effective control’ in doctrines of statehood. Jean D’Aspremont, Associate Professor of International Law and Senior Research Fellow of the Amsterdam Center for International Law at the University of Amsterdam, will respond.

We hope that you enjoy participating in the upcoming discussion. Many thanks to Kevin Heller and the team at Opinio Juris for hosting us over the coming week, and to the 2010 Editors, Tim Farhall, Christopher Hibbard, and Mary Quinn for their work in producing the issue.

Information on our submissions process, publication policy and past issues can be accessed here. If you would like any further information about the Journal, please contact the Editors at law-mjil [at] unimelb [dot] edu [dot] au.

Sam Naparstek, Tiong Tjin Saw, and Suzanne Zhou

2011 Editors

Patrick McGlynn

2011 Assistant Editor

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