Another Fox News Freudian Slip

by Kevin Jon Heller


And if that’s not bad enough, one of Fox’s DC anchors announced that “President Obama is, in fact, dead.”

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  1. Is there a real point to this post? I heard the same slip from an woman anchor on the Al Jazeera Live Stream last night and from a family member of a 9/11 victim today in an interview with Diane Sawyer. I would be an interesting media project to catalogue the slips, but like you really care.

  2. If you read the blog regularly, you know I’ve been posting Fox’s entertaining chyron and map slip-ups for years.  Do I have a profound point to make?  Not particularly, although it’s interesting how Fox’s “mistakes” somehow always work against Democrats.

  3. 2 Clear: yeah, there is a point – it is funny, and laughter produces vitamins in your body.

  4. KJH,

    And it is interesting how your many mistake on this blog generally work against Israel and/or the United States. 

  5. Response…  it is uninteresting how kneejerk these comments are.

  6. Sure, Heller, it was just the Eeevil Fox network:

  7. @KJH Yeah, genuine mistakes would logically not cluster on one particular side. Random or isolated cases is one thing, but there’s a legitimate trolling case to answer here with repeated “ticker mistakes” like Mark Foley, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig, etc.

  8. To speak of Kevin’s posts as somehow “working against Israel and/or the United States” is unintelligible if not nonesensical. It’s analogous to mistaking the critique of particular practice or specific belief of, say, a Christian or a Muslim (a belief or practice one we might judge as irrational or unethical, irrespective of whether or not it is christened as or believed to be essential or canonical to the respective worldviews) as tantamount or equivalent to a dismissal of the Christianity or Islam as such (as a matter of fact, we can’t even speak of traditions in toto as irrational or unethical, as the philosopher Hilary Putnam and my late teacher Ninian Smart have well explained).

    There’s a palpable fear and psychological insecurity that suffuses many of these predictable and tiresome responses to Kevin’s posts.

  9. Oops: nonsensical

  10. Kevin can’t tell the difference between Fox News and Fox network affiliates!  How cute!  Hey Kevin: Fox News is not the same thing as Fox 40 News!  And Fox News is not the same thing as Fox 5 News!  Most people know that, but those who don’t usually aren’t so proud to advertise their ignorance. 

  11. [removed]

  12. German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert made the same gaffe on twitter – hugely embarrassing

  13. Fox 5 News is owned and operated by Fox News.  Good to see Thomas is so willing to advertise his ignorance!

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