YJIL Online Symposium

by Roger Alford

We are pleased to introduce to you today an online symposium discussing Hastings Law Professor Chimène Keitner‘s article, Rights Beyond Borders, published in the Yale Journal of International Law. Her interlocutors will be Marko Milanovic of the University of Nottingham and Pierre-Hugues Verdier of Virginia Law School.


One Response

  1. Simply put, if we are all endowed with unalienable rights, simply by virtue of the fact that we are Human Beings, then those rights cannot be affected by such things as borders or citizenship or governments.  It is really not any more complicated than that.  Any other position is a denial of our inherent Human Rights.  Also, limited governments, created by The People on the basis of those rights, such as in the United States, simply do not have the power to act in contravention of our Human Rights.  The government does not give Human Beings rights.  We give governments certain limited powers, which do not include the power to deny our Human Rights, wherever the government may act.

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