Farewell to Opinio Juris (At Least for a Little While)

by Julian Ku

For the next five months, I will be a Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer in Law at East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai. For a variety of reasons related to my status as a Fulbright Grantee as well as being a blogger living within the range of Chinese internet censors, I will take a sabbatical from blogging here at Opinio Juris for the time being. I prefer not to entangle this blog with the Great Chinese Firewall, if at all possible. During this time, therefore, I will be blogging at my new personal blog julianku.com (I know, what an original name!). It will be mostly about China and my experiences teaching and studying law in China. I hope some of you can visit me there while I am gone. But for now, I’m signing off.再见!


3 Responses

  1. Response…
    Too bad, because you could blog about democratic values and (yes) fundamental human rights and drive the censors nuts!
    Have fun anyway.

  2. If you hear any funny jokes please blog about them.  I find cross-cultural jokes very funny and perceptive ways into the souls of different countries.  Congrats on the Fulbright and all good things,

  3. Why not take on the Chinese dictatorship? Watch out for the Jasmine Revolution.

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