Less on the Size of International-Law Faculties

by Kevin Jon Heller

Having received a number of emails complaining about how I counted the size of various faculties, I have decided to remove both posts.  As I made clear in the original post, my count was not designed to be scientific and excluded — rightly or wrongly — a number of categories of scholars that some might believe should have been included.  The posts were also not designed to prove which faculties were better than others.  As I also noted in the original post, the size of an international-law faculty says very little about its quality.


4 Responses

  1. You can not win in doing these things.  You however have been provocative and the kind of reaction that you are getting suggests we all should lighten up a bit at the end of the year and have a bit of holiday cheer – hoping to not in any manner bother any person out there who thinks my invocation of holiday cheer somehow has a hidden agenda of any kind (you see how nervous you can get in these days!).  All good things to all opiniojuristers!

  2. Now for the pun – I guess we will never know whether size (of the faculty) matters!

  3. I enjoyed the posts and the responses, and I also found them informative. Indeed, shouldn’t that be exactly what a good blog does. And what could be better than seeing who a faculty member lists as his or her more esteemed faculty members when laying claim to why quality is the important factor.

  4. Kevin, I don’t get it. With all the people that might have taken offense from the posts on this blog, including US officials, ICC Prosecutors, ICTY Judges and Registry, it is a post on the size of International Law Faculties that gets removed because of the reactions to it by academics!

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