Breaking: Julia Gillard Forms Government!

by Kevin Jon Heller

Thanks to the independence of two independents — Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, who come from conservative electorates.  That, my friends, is putting the good of the country ahead of short-term political interest.

Go Julia!  And thank you, Tony and Rob, for sparing us from three years of Tony Abbott.

3 Responses

  1. Hope Julia justifies this second opportunity she has got to give the Aussies a sensible level headed leadership.

  2. I would be exceedingly careful before attributing anything to ‘putting the good of the country ahead of short-term political interest‘.
    I think the analysis may have come down to exactly the reverse calculus! Katter knows he will be re-elected. Oakeshott and Windsor don’t, and both want to lap it up as long as possible. Which meant backing Labor who won’t call an election out of fear that they would be handing the reins to the Coalition.
    Maybe. Assuming that the Greens-Labor-Indy coalition is just as friable (and fissile) as it looks, look to Abbott to try and force a double-dissolution election in order to grab both houses, in early 2011.

  3. IHDE,

    If I had any idea what a double dissolution election was, I might agree with you…

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