ICC Orders Lubanga’s Release; Will Moreno-Ocampo Back Down?

by Julian Ku

The showdown between the ICC and its prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo over the trial of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo continues, as the Court ordered Lubanga’s release.  I assume Moreno-Ocampo will appeal (he has five days), but if his appeal is rejected, this could turn out to be a huge embarrassment for the prosecutor. In any event, it is certainly messy.

Judges at the International Criminal Court have ordered the release of a Congolese militia chief who used child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s civil war.

Sonia Robla, a court spokeswoman, said the decision was rendered Thursday after the prosecution refused to identify the identities of two witnesses during proceedings last week in the case of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo.


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  1. The transcript of the oral decision can be found at PHD in human rights blog!

  2. Response…
    Once more a manifestation of  arbitrariness and lack of professionalism.  Recorded evidence on how the ICC prosecutor,  Ocampo, carefully chooses his victims. This reiterates the suggestion that the guy is full of hate to Africans. Similar false accusation is facing president Bashir of Sudan on genocide allegations. It is the same arbitrariness; always witnesses are  hidden, invisible and clandestine. Is this a MAFIA affair or international justice?

  3. Jibo,

    Moreno-Ocampo may be a bad prosecutor, but there is no evidence — none — that he hates Africans.  Does his Gambian deputy hate them, too?  And spare us the crocodile tears for Bashir. 

  4. Moreno Ocampo is doing a good job as to favour those from whom he enriches his pocket. He is a puppet of the west dancing to the tune of those who plunder D.R.Congo. Icc paves way for the New World Order. He is a right prosecutor to the west but a bad prosecutor to Africans, and Hema in particular. As this is the first prosecution, Moreno wants to prove his competency but truth is emmerging to confuse him. ICC, as a tool of Illuminati, to promote capitalism prepares African economic Tsunami by removing leaders standing for the right of their community members, preys to 13 western leaders who prepare one word economy blessed by the papal mess leading to one world religion. It is organized, planned and weighed. We await the alarm to sound and the United nations will remove its veil that hide its wichedness to suppress humanity.  Why then, do you expect Moreno through willingly and intetionally biased equilibrium to render justice, based on thoughts and not truth?  We advise him to follow Garetton who after false report of 19/01/2001,realized that he was wrong, resined to avoid shame. We congratulate him because, his resignation saved lives of Congolese from Ituri. Moreno, why do you kill the snake by its tail, while you do not condemn the massacres of Hema in Ituri, yet you know the Western mastermind of ituri manslaughter. What is you share in the Congolese natural resources. Remember because of your wickedness, God will jugde you. Today prosecutor but tomorrow God will be the right judge and your prosecution will be eternal.

  5. Some criticisms of Moreno-Ocampo are truly unhinged.

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