France Will Pay Haiti Reparations…Non!

by Julian Ku

This web video nearly fooled people into believing France was about to pay Haiti billions in reparations for payments Haiti made to France ensure its independence. Yes, like that was going to happen. France quickly released a statement declaring the whole thing a hoax.

This hoax was so well done that it leads me to wonder what other interesting statements could be next? Japan apologizing to China for the Nanjing Massacre? North Korea apologizing to South Korea for the killing of South Korean sailors?  Palestinians recognizing Israel’s right to exist?

4 Responses

  1. Well done, but ultimately unbelievable. There’s no way something of this magnitude will be announced by some unknown lady at a press conference on Bastille Day… It would necessarily be the President, Prime Minister or Foreign Minister… But I suppose none of them were available to play along in the hoax…

  2. I have to agree with Dov Jacobs. A statement of this importance would never have been made by some anonymous public servant, it would have come from politicians in charge, as it is a very significant political move.

    Nice try anyway…

  3. ==what other interesting statements could be next?==

    U.S. delivers Bush to ICC?

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