Obama Makes a Funny (But Somewhat Creepy) Joke About Targeted Killings

by Julian Ku

At last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner, President Obama cracked a funny joke about his administration’s use of Predator Drones for targeted killings.  From the Politico:

— “The Jonas Brothers are here! … Sasha and Malia are huge fans but boys don’t get any ideas. I have two words for you: Predator Drones. You’ll never see it coming.”

Ha, ha, ha…er, on second thought, is it just me, or is this joke a little creepy?


8 Responses

  1. It’s just you.

  2. The expendability of non-Americans is such a laugh.

  3. The Jonas brothers aren’t American?

  4. Jokes aside, Jonas’ brothers music makes them legitimate targets for drones’ attacks.

  5. Cute boy bands – drone attacks on our sensibilities.

  6. I disagree with bored, they should at least have a trial, even if they do appear de facto guilty of crimes against humanity.

  7. Yes.  Kind of creepy.

  8. My Verdict: Not Funny & Very Creepy. But I bet it got a big laugh from our wonderful Fourth Estate.  Someone hand me the paper bag, please!

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