The ICC Begins to Fade in Importance in Sudan

by Julian Ku

The reaction of key countries to the recent Sudan elections electing Sudan’s President al-Bashir are in.  The bottom line seems to be- the elections were deeply flawed, but not so much so that they should be denounced or set-aside.  In the meantime, start planning for the all important referendum on Southern Sudan’s independence, which will require Bashir’s cooperation.  This appears to be the view of the U.S. government, anyway, and it seems largely echoed by the EU.  Interestingly, neither the E.U. nor the U.S. seems to be emphasizing (or even mentioning) the fact that Sudan is continuing to defy its international obligations to turn over individuals demanded by the ICC, including its President.  The focus remains, as it should be, on preserving the delicate peace process in Sudan. But if the U.S. and E.U. do not demand compliance with the ICC, then it is clear that the ICC (at least in the near term) has no chance of completing its prosecutions in Sudan.

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  1. …since when has the ICC ever been of concern to Sudan?

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