More Fallout from Uruguay and Argentina

More Fallout from Uruguay and Argentina

Did the ICJ ruling on Uruguay and Argentina help to resolve the dispute? Sort of.  There are some pesky protestors, though, who are not exactly convinced by the ruling.

Both sides said Tuesday’s decision by the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands gave them what they need to resolve their differences, with Argentina taking heart from a part of the ruling that said Uruguay did not properly inform it about the project.

The countries vowed to work through a binational commission to protect the Rio Uruguay.

A key hurdle remains, however, with no indication of how Argentine President Cristina Fernandez will overcome it: Argentine activists are still blocking the main bridge across the river and are refusing to give up their fight.

Meanwhile, having scanned the decision some more, the most interesting part of the decision may be Judges Al-Khasawneh and Simma’s joint dissent decrying the Court’s limited factual investigation and its refusal to develop better ways to examine complex scientific evidence.

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