More Ideas on How To Battle Pirates: “Blockade” Somalia

by Julian Ku

Here’s another interesting report on the ongoing battle against Somalia-based pirates.  The upshot: some progress is being made, especially with private security forces (including one which uses sound waves to push away approaching pirates).  But legal limitations continue to limit the effectiveness of both naval and private self-defense.

“No commanding officer of any ship wants a situation where he used force and then is told a week later that he shouldn’t have.  That he violated the rules and under international law maybe murder would be applied to that.  It’s a dangerous line to cross,”

One former naval officer suggests creating an in-shore “maritime police” force.

“The proposal is send the warships home.  And let’s get an international task force together of maritime police and put them inside Somali territorial waters under U.N. auspices, with a U.N. Security Council resolution giving them authority,”

2 Responses

  1. I seriously doubt we can all cooperate enough to actually implement a plan like that.

  2. Part of the solution here involves the perceived rewards of the pirate profession. A few prominent “examples” will show pirate wanna-be’s that the costs of this profession have gone up and that it’s not risk free. In fact, you can lose your boat, maybe your life.

    If diplomatic minded folks can show the link between pirate booty and officials within the alleged government, then cut off the food, tell the populous what’s happening, and let the folks in the streets do their thing.

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