ASIL Book and Article Awards

by Kevin Jon Heller

The American Society of International Law recently awarded its annual certificates and prizes for scholarship in international law.  A number of the winners have either been involved in OJ symposia or are friends of the blog, so I want to acknowledge their achievements here:

Certificate of Merit in a specialized area of international law: Mark Osiel, “The End of Reciprocity: Terror, Torture, and the Law of War” (Cambridge Univ. Press 2009).

Francis Deák Prize: Jacob Katz Cogan, “Representation and Power in International Organization: The Operational Constitution and Its Critics,” 103 AJIL 209 (2009).

Lieber Prize (article): Robert Sloane, “The Cost of Conflation: Preserving the Dualism of the Jus ad Bellum and the Jus in Bello in the Contemporary Law of War,” 34 Yale Journal of International Law 47 (2009).

Lieber Society Military Prize: Sean Watts, “Combatant Status and Computer Network Attack,” 50 Virginia Journal of International Law 329 (2010).

Congratulations to Mark, Jacob, Robert, and Sean!  (And to all the other winners, whose awards you can find at Jacob’s blog here.)

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