Oops! Australian Federal Police Lose Alleged War Criminal

by Julian Ku

Not a funny April Fool’s Day joke, although it sort of sounds like one. Any of our readers in Coffs Harbour, NSW, please check out your window and give the Australian Federal Police a hand.

THE Australian Federal Police are continuing to frantically search for an Australian accused of war crimes, after a five-year legal battle ended with the High Court ruling that an arrest warrant for him be reinstated and he be extradited to Croatia.

AFP officers this morning were again at Mr Dragan Vasiljkovic’s last known residence in the rural hilly rainforest of Boambee, near Coffs Harbour on the NSW central coast.


One Response

  1. Could you have picked a more right-wing fear-mongering newspaper to link to (Australia’s paper version of Fox news)?

    Yes this is true, but maybe it would be better to do some actual reasearch and post unbiased reports such as the following:

    Lateline’s Version

    …and for that matter, War Criminals drop in and out of the US, and Britan, evading capture all the time!  I don’t know how this is any different?

    Maybe for once Julian, it’s time to start focussing on the facts, rather than attacking a national body…

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