More Stuff You Can’t Make Up

by Kevin Jon Heller

There is an old adage that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged.  The rejoinder is that a liberal is a conservative who has been indicted.  Speaking of which, an intriguing development in the case of the Christian terrorists:

All members of the anti-government Hutaree group, who wanted to start a violent revolution against the government… have asked for public defenders!


5 Responses

  1. I don’t get it.

    Someone who wants to overthrow the government because it fails to provide certain essential public goods might consistently avail themselves of other public goods that the government happens to provide.

    Hmmmmm. Is there a real point here or did you just want to you the phrase “Christian terrorist”?

  2. You think that the Christian terrorists are mad because the government isn’t doing enough for them?  So they’re actually trying to expand the welfare state? News to me.

    I do like using the “Christian terrorist,” because: (1) the media constantly uses “Muslim terrorist”; (2) the media almost universally refuses to call the group terrorists, preferring “extremists”; and (3) it’s accurate.

  3. It’s actually news to you that there are ways of improving governance without expanding the welfare state!

    Thanks for dispelling my suspicion that you are a prejudiced ideologue. 

  4. Please, by all means, explain how the Christian terrorists were actually motivated by the desire to improve governance without expanding the welfare state, not by the desire to overthrow the government by force.  Then I’ll respond to your argument.

  5. Please, I didn’t make an argument. 

    I simply observed that you equated improving government with expanding the welfare state.

    Then, I noted sarcastically that remarks like yours didn’t dissuade me from my suspicion that you are a prejudiced ideologue. 

    Now, I admit that many arguments suggest themeselves about what a great, narrow-minded, silly, ideological twit you would have to be to make such an equation. But I didn’t make those arguments. 

    So, I suppose your error was thinking that I had drawn the obvious conclusion from your own words when in fact I had simply repeated what you said.


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