Handbook of Comparative Criminal Law

by Kevin Jon Heller

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Forgive the self-promotion, but I was just sent the cover of my co-edited book (with Markus Dubber, who teaches at Toronto), and I think it’s really cool.  The Handbook, which will be published in November by Stanford University Press, is the first edited book on comparative substantive criminal law.  It contains seventeen chapters — 16 chapters on the criminal law of individual countries, and a chapter (mine) on the comparative origins of the Rome Statute.  Markus and I have endeavored not to put together a book that simply focuses on Europe, Canada, and the US; it also includes chapters on Argentina, Australia, Japan, China, India, Iran, Israel, Russia, South Africa, and Egypt. And the lineup of contributors is terrific, featuring such luminaries as Paul Robinson (US), Kent Roach (Canada), Andrew Ashworth (UK), Thomas Weigend (Germany), Sadiq Reza (Egypt), and Silvia Tellenbach (Iran).


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  1. Congratulations!

    It looks wonderful…and the timing of the publication means I can ask for a copy for my birthday!

  2. Will this one be +/- $200?

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