A Senior Job Opening in International Law

by Duncan Hollis

I’m not usually in the habit of posting on job openings, but I thought this one might warrant wider exposure and expect it will be of interest to some of our more experienced readers (particularly those who’ve always dreamed of living in Vienna).  The IAEA is looking for a new Director for its Office of Legal Affairs.  Here’s how the IAEA describes what you’d do if hired:

  • Provide direction for and lead a wide range of multidisciplinary legal matters relating to the interpretation and application of international, public, private and administrative law (including: legal status, privileges and immunities; legal relationship with IAEA Member States, host governments, and authorities; commercial and private law matters; and IAEA relationship with employees).
  • Prepare and/or negotiate legal instruments and contractual arrangements in accordance with the IAEA’s statutory functions and provide advice on questions of interpretation of such instruments and arrangements.
  • Promote the development and application of nuclear law through international forums and online content.
  • Support the elaboration of international conventions, regulations or recommendations within the purview of the IAEA’s statutory objectives and activities, and provide advice on questions of interpretation and implementation of such instruments.

Cool stuff.  Qualified applicants need a fair bit of experience, however — 15 years.  Also, in a move that may serve as a barrier to entry for some (but certainly not all) U.S. applicants, a knowledge of another IAEA language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish) appears likely to factor into any hiring decision.  Still interested?  The deadline for applications is January 6, 2010.


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