Helsinki is Hopping!

by Duncan Hollis

Well, I don’t know that for sure yet — I only just got in from the airport an hour ago. But it sure is beautiful this time of year. I am here for what looks to be a great conference — the first academic forum (i.e., workshop) jointly organized by the American Society of International Law and the European Society of International Law.  The theme of the forum is Changing Futures? Science and International Law. The line-up of panels is accessible here. I’m chairing a panel on Hermeneutics and Treaty Interpretation tomorrow afternoon that looks like it will engage in some pretty interesting theoretical questions about competing political science methods for studying international law as well as the competing ways science is understood in interpreting international law.  There’s a lot else going on though; for example, I’m really looking forward to a planned discussion between Martti Koskenniemi and Friedrich Kratochwil looking back together at their earlier work.

I may try and blog more about the Conference as the weekend progresses, time permitting.  And, of course, if you’re a regular Opinio Juris reader and you’re here in Helsinki for the Conference, please say hello; it’s always nice to meet readers in person.

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