Welcome to the Blogosphere Adjudicating Europe

Welcome to the Blogosphere Adjudicating Europe

Adjudicating Europe, a new blog dedicated to EU law, has just launched.  Here’s how the editors describe it:

EU Law, despite its expansion and maturity, has not yet developed a comparable blogsphere of its own. Languages, the vastness of its scope, or a tendency to work and discuss inside national communities, have probably influenced this lack of blogging culture among EU lawyers.

Adjucating Europe is an initiative led by a group of academics and practitioners specialized in EU Law, with the aim of filling this gap in the current European landscape. Our aim is to stimulate discussion on issues of relevance for EU Law, with a particular attention to judicial developments. Our main focus will obviously rest on the European Court of Justice’s case law. However, EU Law is not only the product of European Institutions, but also of national authorities, and mostly national courts. We intend to follow and ignite interest in the decisions rendered by national courts with relevance for EU Law. When necessary, decisions of international courts or of non-member States will also be commented, but with our eyes always set on EU Law, its developments and challenges.

I like the concept although I’m not sure I agree that there’s no EU blogging out there (I’ve always enjoyed the EU Law Blog). The editors do promise “very opinionated comments” on the latest judicial developments relating to EU law, suggesting its going to be an enjoyable blog to read. That said, I’m not a fan of anonymous blogging, and Adjudicating Europe is noticeably silent as to how many or which “academics and practitioners” are running the site. Of course, I  understand that anonymity is viewed by some as one benefit of blogging (and maybe especially so for practitioners).  Still, to the extent blogs offer academic commentary, I’ve always preferred it when bloggers identify themselves.  

In any case, there’s certainly room for more EU-related blogging. On that front, I’m more than happy to welcome Adjudicating Europe to the blogosphere.

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