Thanks to all the Book Club participants

by Kal Raustiala

I want to give my sincere thanks to all the participants in the symposium on Does the Constitution Follow the Flag? Many terrific points, questions, and critiques were raised (made?) this week, and I certainly found it a fascinating discussion. My book is an attempt to synthesize and reframe a wide range of issues related to territoriality, and in so doing I necessarily skimmed over, or ignored outright, numerous subsidiary topics of importance. Luckily many of these arose in our discussion this week. Sovereignty, as I note in the book, is the subject of yards of shelf space in any good law library. The literature on territoriality is tiny in comparison, but as this week showed there is so much more to be studied and debated.

Thanks again to the OJ team for inviting me to do this, and to the guest bloggers–David Golove, Tim Zick, and Bill Dodge–for their time and insight.

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