Book Discussion: Kal Raustiala’s “Does the Constitution Follow the Flag?”

Book Discussion: Kal Raustiala’s “Does the Constitution Follow the Flag?”

Opinio Juris is pleased to be hosting over the next three days a discussion of Professor Kal Raustiala’s new book, “Does the Constitution Follow the Flag? The Evolution of Territoriality in American Law” (OUP 2009). Professor Raustiala is a professor of law at UCLA and also director of the UCLA Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations. He has written broadly in both international law and international relations, and this outstanding new book reflects his deep engagement in both fields:

In this novel history of territoriality in American law and foreign policy, Kal Raustiala traces the evolving concept from post-revolutionary American to late-nineteenth century imperialism, the Cold War, and our own era of globalization. He closes with a powerful explanation of America’s attempt to increase its extraterritorial power in the contemporary world. As American power has grown, its understanding of extraterritorial legal jurisdiction has expanded too. Throughout, Raustiala focuses on how the legal limits of territorial sovereignty have been tweaked to accommodate the expanding American empire.

In addition to the OJ regulars, the discussion will be joined by three commentators: Professors Bill Dodge (UC Hastings), David Golove (NYU) and Tim Zick (William & Mary). We look forward to a lively discussion and hope that our readers will join the conversation in the comments section.

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