Next Up: Plagues and Pestilence

by Kevin Jon Heller

According to a national poll conducted by Time, now that Walter Cronkite is dead, John Stewart is America’s most trusted newscaster.  Stewart, 44%.  Brian Williams, 29%.  Charlie Gibson, 19%.  Katie Couric: 7%.

(I guess I shouldn’t mock.  If those were the choices, I’d have voted for him, too.)

3 Responses

  1. Jon Stewart keeps saying, every time he is asked about such things, that he is just a clown, that he doesn’t think about himself as a serious news personality. I’ve always wondered how he can say that with a straight face.

  2. Funny, Kevin, that you of all people should spell Jon Stewart’s name wrong…

  3. If Fox News continues on it’s infotainment campaign, Mr. Stewart may find himself a serious newsman if only by the virtue of a continual lowering of standards.

    I’m not quite decrying the death of “serious” investigative journalism, as I always felt it had an agenda previously, it just wasn’t as open and obvious.  They’re not any more skewed these days, just more blatant.

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