Obama Birth Citizenship Nonsense Refuses to Die

by Peter Spiro

I just finished chatting with Lou Dobbs on his CNN radio show about the latest among those who still deny Obama’s eligibility to be president.  A major in the reserves has balked at being shipped out to Iraq on the theory that Obama is not the commander-in-chief and the war is therefore illegal under international law.  Deniers (aka “birthers”) also have a challenge pending in district court in California that is getting more of a hearing than it should (that is, any hearing at all).  Alan Keyes for the plaintiff!  Check out this profile of the dentist leading the charge (also proving the dangers of “online legal academies”)!  Even Dobbs doesn’t seem to buy in.

The theory is that Obama was actually born in Kenya and that (if so) he would not have been a citizen at birth.  The latter part is true (his mother wouldn’t have satisfied a statutory residency requirement prior to his birth), but of course we have pretty good evidence that Obama was born in the state of Hawaii, and none that he was born in Kenya.  This is starting to look like Whitewater during the Clinton years, except that some of the Whitewater stuff may have had some basis in fact.


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