Solidarity With Iranians

by Roger Alford

Legend has it that the Danes undermined German efforts to persecute Jews in Denmark by acting in solidarity with them by wearing the yellow star. (And yes I know the story is apocryphal).

We can’t exactly do the same thing today for Iranians, but one small act of solidarity we can do is make it easier for Iranians to express themselves. We can do so by creating a Twitter account and set it to an Iranian city and local Iranian time. If everyone has an Iranian setting, it apparently makes it harder for the Iranian government to block real Iranian Twitter accounts.

In order to create a Twitter account go here. If you already have an account, you can modify your setting in the top right menu bar. Change the location to any Iranian city of your choice and choose Iranian time of +3:30 GMT.

Details and other ideas here and here. I’m not positive if this makes a difference, but from reading the comments elsewhere it certainly doesn’t hurt to show solidarity with Iranians.

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  1. Thanks for this Roger.  I’ve heard this from a number of sources and followed your lead.  I’ve also participated in events in Washington to support the Green movement.


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