Welcome to the Blogosphere, International Criminal Law Bureau!

by Kevin Jon Heller

John Louth at OUP has kindly alerted me to the existence of a new blog that will no doubt be of interest to our readers: the International Criminal Law Bureau. Members include well-known practitioners and scholars, including Steven Kay, QC, and Guénaël Mettraux (of whom I’m a big fan).

The blog is part of a larger project by the same name.  I am not sure whether the members of the blog/project are a chambers, an NGO, or something else.  If any of them read this blog, I hope they will explain in the comments.

Regardless, the blog looks excellent.  Check it out!


One Response

  1. The International Criminal Law Bureau is a group of international lawyers who have been involved for many years in war crimes trials and have the skills and experience to take on the most difficult cases.
    The Bureau members also advise those with a need to know and understand the legal implications and political significance of international criminal laws and regulations.
    The members train and provide courses for Judges, lawyers, state officials and students in international criminal law. 
    The Bureau’s blog is intended to provide regular updates on current issues and events related to the work of its members.
    GM on behalf of The Bureau

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