Welcome to the Blogosphere, White House Blog

by Duncan Hollis

The Obama Administration has taken over the White House, and with it the www.whitehouse.gov website.  Consistent with the earlier campaign’s internet-focus, visitors will find a front-page link to a new blog, The White House Blog.  Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House, already has a post up, Change has come to WhiteHouse.Gov, which introduces the new blog and other communications-related aspects of the new Obama Administration.  Government-run blogs have proved notoriously difficult to operate.  It’s really hard to thread the line between recycling press releases — which I’m hard pressed to see as a blog at all — versus true off-the-cuff, instant commentary, which often runs counter to a press office’s primary goal–staying on-message.  Still, I’d like to welcome the White House Blog to the blogosphere.  I look forward to seeing how they deal with this challenge and the content they provide in the weeks and months ahead.


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