So Much Advice, So Many Advisors

by Deborah Pearlstein

I’m with Chris – hard to focus today on anything other than the presidential election.

(Indeed, I’m at pains to tear my eyes away from Ben Smith’s blog over at Politico, which is keeping anecdotal tabs on voter turnout here in the United States. His latest post as of 11:57am EST: “The Obama aide who told me last night that he was ‘cautiously nauseous,’ Tommy Vietor, has upgraded his Facebook status to ‘optimistically nauseous.’”)

If there’s one thing the new administration isn’t going to be lacking it is plans for how to correct the rule-of-law failures that have dogged U.S. counterterrorism policy in the post-9/11 world. As someone put it to me last week (hat tip to whomever it was!), you can’t swing a dead cat around Washington these days without running into a plan for how to close Gitmo. (For those not from the American South, the dead cat colloquialism is translated here.)

For an assortment from NGOs and experts who tend to the Obama view of things, check out plans from the Center for American Progress, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Human Rights First – and the array of folks who testified on the subject in person and in writing at a recent Senate hearing designed to make a record for the express use of President #44. (Full disclosure, I contributed to a few of the sources above.)

With Chris, I’ll look forward to reactions.

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