wronging rights blog

by Kevin Jon Heller

While I am on the subject of relatively new blogs, I have to confess that I’ve been remiss in plugging one of my favorites, wronging rights, the product of the brilliant and fiendish minds of Amanda Taub and Kate Cronin-Furman.  (For their “self-descriptions,” see here.)  I stand behind my description of the blog that they have kindly quoted on their website: “exceptionally well-written, and more amusing than a blog that focuses on various atrocities has any right to be.”  Take a look — you won’t be disappointed.

Addendum: Not to hijack Amanda and Kate’s post, but having mentioned wronging rights and Stop Genocide Blog today, I think it’s important to note how many international law bloggers are women: the two aforementioned blogs, our own Peggy and Deb, our wonderful colleagues at IntLawGrrls, and others.  There is, of course, always room (and need) for more.  But it’s great to be part of a discipline that to some extent bucks the general trend of women being underrepresented in blogging.


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