What Difference Does Citizenship Make? Museum Admission Prices!

by Peter Spiro

At most of the museums here in Rome, children get reduced-price or free admission only if they are EU citizens. For us weakened-dollar Americans, that makes a nontrivial difference. We are going to the Villa Borghese later today. At 13€ per person, with two kids, that will be 52 Euros – more than 75 bucks. A great collection, but that’s almost twice the price at MoMa, which appears to pursue more of a one-world policy.

This doesn’t put citizenship on any more of a pedestal than state citizenship in the US, where non-residents can be discriminated against when it comes to recreational facilities like golf courses. And in the EU context it can be circumvented in many cases. All of you who are eligible for second citizenships through those Irish, Italian or German Jewish refugee grandparents and are planning a trip to Europe, sign up for your additional memberships now.


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