Opinio Juris Book Discussion: Peter Spiro’s Beyond Citizenship

by Julian Ku

Next week we’ll be hosting a discussion of our own Peter Spiro’s Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization (Oxford University Press). As readers of this blog know, Peter has many wonderful insights into the way that citizenship and national identity interact in a globalizing environment. (His latest post on Pamela Anderson is just the latest lighthearted example of his much larger project).

The book uses citizenship practice as a lens on national identity, with discussions of birthright citizenship, naturalization, and plural citizenship, as well as of citizenship’s place in defining rights and obligations, all in Peter’s trademark accessible style. We are very fortunate to have four distinguished guest commentators for the event: Alex Aleinikoff, John Fonte, Cristina Rodriguez, and Jonathan Weinberg. Peter will lead off and respond to comments. We’ll look forward to what is sure to be a lively and fascinating discussion!


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