A Belated Welcome to On Day One

by Kevin Jon Heller

The blog is part of a wonderfully interactive website dedicated to generating ideas for the next president. Here is the website’s self-description:

Climate change, terrorism, poverty, the spread of disease — these are just some of the global challenges that we all face. On Day One is a platform for gathering and sharing your ideas about what the next president can do on the first day of his or her administration to help address the world’s most pressing challenges.

On Day One is a project of the Better World Fund, which works to build a stronger relationship between the United States and the United Nations. Over the next year, we want you to be part of a global conversation about how international cooperation can be harnessed to address the world’s most critical challenges, and how working together is more effective than going it alone in the world.

We strongly believe that constructive engagement with the United Nations — the world’s platform for international dialogue — is essential for solving global problems, and for enhancing America’s reputation in the world. Whether you live in Nigeria or Nebraska, we invite you to share your ideas for creating a better world… On Day One.

The most active contributors to the blog are Mark Leon Goldberg and John Boonstra, both of whom also contribute to the invaluable UN Dispatch. Check On Day One — website and blog — out!


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