Number 19 — And Rising…

by Kevin Jon Heller

For what it’s worth — a question about which I will remain steadfastly agnostic — Opinio Juris has been ranked the 19th most influential law blog for 2007. The rankings, which were created by, are based on traffic, links, and citations.

Here is the list:

1. Volokh Conspiracy
2. Sentencing Law and Policy
3. Jurist-Paper Chase
5. Balkanization
6. Concurring Opinions
7. Hugh Hewitt’s Townhall Blog
8. Prawfs Blawg
8. TaxProf Blog
11. Conglomerate
11. Patently O
13. White Collar Crime Prof Blog
14. LessigBlog
14. Technology and Marketing Law Blog
14. Althouse
17. Workplace Prof Blog
19. Feminist Law Professors
19. Opinio Juris
21. Religionclause
21. Jack Bog’s Blog
21. Immigration Prof Blog
21. Ideoblog
21. Racetothebottom
26. Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports
26. Mirror of Justice
26. Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog
29. 43(B) log
29. Legal Theory Blog
31. Counterfeit Chic
31. Truth on the Market
31. CrimProf Blog
31. Empirical Legal Studies
35. Is That Legal?
35. M & A Law Prof Blog
35. Legal History Blog
35. California Appellate Report
40. The Right Coast
40. TortsProf Blog
40. Legal Profession Blog
43. Legal Ethics Forum
43. Sex Crimes
43. Family Law Prof Blog
46. Susan Crawford Blog
47. Sports Law Blog
47. Info/Law
47. Property Prof Blog
50. Jurisdynamics

At the risk of sounding self-indulgent, I think that our performance is particularly impressive given that ten of the 19 “most influential” blogs have a general (or at least multi-disciplinary) audience, and that international law is — at least in the U.S., where most blog traffic comes from — a particularly specialized discipline.

Better watch your backs, VC! We’re coming for you…

4 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you, Kevin. It is hard to be a big traffic blog when you write in a specialized area like international law or labor and employment law. I think we deserve bonus points! Perhaps, move us 10 just for the specialized nature of our disciplines?

  2. Opinion Juris deserves a better ranking, the traffic or posts cannot tell of its reputation.

  3. is a law blog? Only in the most tangential of manners…

  4. SCOTUSblog would seem a rather glaring omission.

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