Opinio Juris Be Really Smart

by Kevin Jon Heller

According to the Blog Readability Test, you need a postgraduate education to understand Opinio Juris.

The ever-creative
Dan Solove plugged in a few other popular blogs. I hope he won’t mind me updating some of his results with a few international law blogs:


* Legal Theory
* Balkinization
* Becker-Posner
* Intlawgrrls
* National Security Advisors


* Concurring Opinions
* PrawfsBlawg
* Dorf on Law
* Democracy Arsenal
* International Economic Law and Policy Blog


* Volokh Conspiracy
* Althouse
* Instapundit

I’m a little bitter about that upstart blog, IntLawGrrls. Clearly my co-bloggers and I need to use more big words…


One Response

  1. I apologize if any of my posts over the last couple of months have been readable. Not having a legal degree, I’m afraid I lack some of the formal training necessary to form passages of truly impenetrable verbiage.

    I would have majored in English, but I enjoy having a house and eating on a regular basis.

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