Who Are “The Real Tyrannical Terrorists”?

by Roger Alford

Today, the anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks, I read with great interest the recent message of Osama Bin Laden. (Full transcript here).

There has been plenty of news coverage about the timing, appearance, and tone of the speech. But there has been insufficient analysis of one key component of the speech: its central message. So on September 11, I want to discuss the central message of Bin Laden’s tape to better appreciate the mindset of the leader of Islamic extremists.

If you were to guess who are the true enemies that Osama Bin Laden purports to be fighting, what would be your guess? Would you say the western media? Or the Bush Administration? Perhaps Israel or the Zionists? Based on his message of September 7, 2007, you may be surprised. It certainly surprised me.


One Response

  1. Because the evil word “corporations” is spoken multiple times by Osama, is he therefore to be disregarded outright?

    Does accepting his premise render one unpatriotic and a traitor to all that is “good” about the melding of a presumed democracy with capitalism? What would Marx and Engels think?

    Would your consideration of this subject in any manner make you vulnerable to heavy thinking and therefore put your personal relationships at risk? Would you have to begin attending meetings of Thinkers Anonymous?

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