Online Symposium: Conclusion

by Roger Alford

Many thanks to Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule for agreeing to participate in this online symposium about their book “Terror in the Balance.” As Julian put it, “their analysis is helpful for advancing the debate over balancing national security and individual rights” and may well “inspire critics to shift their efforts from complaining about the current administration and executive power and toward a thoughtful defense of the alternative.”

Thanks are also in order to our guest contributors Louis Fisher and Bobby Chesney, as well as our own permanent contributors Kevin Heller and Julian Ku, for their excellent contributions to this online symposium. The various comments have been spirited, thoughtful, and illuminating.

We at Opinio Juris are planning more online symposia in the coming months. It quite clearly is a novel and useful way to contribute to the academic discussion about international law and politics. And with a few thousand visitors in the past three days, we are thrilled to offer this vibrant marketplace for scholars to promote their ideas. We hope you enjoyed it.

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