Spotlight on ASIL Insights

by Peggy McGuinness

As we gear up for our ASIL guest bloggers and the Annual Meeting, it is worth pointing out the important work ASIL does in support of international law scholarship and teaching. Among other things, ASIL is responsible for several essential publications, including the American Journal of International Law, the premier peer-reviewed international law journal in the U.S., and the periodic, an electronic digest of ASIL news, the current edition of which features this refreshingly irreverent look at the upcoming Annual Meeting by ASIL president Jose Alvarez. One of ASIL’s most useful and timely products is the Insights series, which aims at delivering short digests of key developments in international law and organizations to a broad audience of ASIL members, policy makers and the media. A recent excellent Insight on the ICC prosecutor’s application for summonses in the Darfur case was written by our own Kevin Heller.

The current co-editors of the series are Andrew Guzman (UC-Berkeley), David Fidler (Indiana) and yours truly. I am honored to be in such great company and to have the support of the stellar ASIL staff in DC. I have added a link to the Insights archive on our “blog roll.” If you haven’t already done so, please do check out Insights. Andrew, David and I welcome any feedback from our readers.

One Response

  1. Peggy: The Insights are very useful. They provide a great way to quickly get a sense of the law on the subject and citations to the relevant authorities for further inquiry. I have used a number of them in my International Criminal Law course in the past two years, either assigning them (as with KJH’s latest on the ICC prosecutor’s application for summonses for the Darfur suspects) or recomending them to my students. Keep up the great work!

    Charles S. Bobis

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