Yale Young Scholars Conference

by Jessica Karbowski

As covered last week in Chris Borgen’s post titled, Conference on the “New” New Haven School, the Yale Journal of International Law (YJIL) is pleased to announce its fifth annual Young Scholars Conference, which will take place this Saturday, March 10, at YLS. The Conference’s theme is “The ‘New’ New Haven School: International Law: Past, Present & Future.” A generation ago, Yale Law School gave birth to the New Haven School of International Law and forever changed the way that scholars think about law outside of the domestic sphere. By insisting that law is more than formal legal institutions, that international law is best studied by evaluating social practice, and that international legal scholars take a policy-oriented approach to determining what constitutes effective world order, the New Haven School pushed legal academics and practitioners towards a more nuanced vision of what international law is and ought to be. However, today, as scholars trained in the New Haven School methodology take the helm of our nation’s law schools and begin to chart their own course, the time has come to ask whether a “New” New Haven School is emerging.

The Conference aims to bring together the architects of the New Haven School with a new generation of international legal scholars to discuss topics including, but not limited to: the impact and legacy of the New Haven School; lessons from the New Haven School for the War on Terror; and methodological gulfs between international law and international relations. The Conference will also include a special plenary session to discuss whether a “New” New Haven School is emerging and to formulate a statement articulating what the basic tenets of that School should be. Please visit our website for a detailed schedule of events.

To make this event available to a wider audience over the web, YJIL editors Jessica Karbowski and José Miñán will provide summaries of the four panel discussions planned for Saturday. José and I are excited about this opportunity to contribute to Opinio Juris, and we look forward to providing you with an account of the action!


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