New International Law Blog — IntLawGrrls

by Kevin Jon Heller

The international law blogosphere is now less lonely — and more gender balanced. The new group blog IntLawGrrls currently has six members, five of whom use pseudonyms of famous women that, with the exception of Mata Hari, I’ve never heard of. (Which probably makes their point.)

The contributors are: Diane Marie Amann (Davis); OJ alum Hari Osofsky (Oregon); Helene Ruiz Fabri (Paris I); Jaya Ramji-Nogales (Temple); Elizabeth Lutes Hillman (Rutgers-Camden); and Naomi Norberg (Paris I).

Expect big things from IntLawGrrls. The initial posts have been excellent, ranging from problems with the Cambodia tribunal to equal prize money for women at Wimbledon. The Grrls (which I assume it’s okay to call them, given the name of the blog) even take pity on those as ignorant as I and provide capsule bios of their pseudonyms.

On behalf of all of us at OJ, welcome to the blogosphere, IntLawGrrls! May your stay here be a long, happy, and productive one.

One Response

  1. Let me second Kevin’s welcome (he beat me to the official welcome post!) to the new women’s IL blog. It’s great to see the expansion of voices and perspectives and this is a truly impressive group scholars. I look forward to a lively inter-blog dialogue over the coming months.



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